Quality Checks

Every batch ofVIP_Logo_s ISI Marked Rigid PVC Conduits are tested at our inhouse laboratory as per the Scheme of Testing and Inspection laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards under IS 9537 (Part 1) 1980 and IS 9537 (Part 3) 1983. Testing of the conduits are regularly conducted at CIPET / Central Electrical Testing Laboratory (Both Government of India Laboratories) for 3rd party certifications.
FRLS properties of the conduits are regularly conducted at CIPET/ CPRI (Both Government of India Laboratories) for 3rd party certifications.
Material Test Certificates are issued with every supply along with the invoice, which mentions Quality date, Invoice number and place of supply.


The brand, VIP_Logo_s is a Registered Trade Mark registered with the Registrar of Trade Marks under Class 09 (Classification Code for PVC Conduits for Electrical Installations) under Trade Mark # 543440 and 871085.

The Logo, VIP_Logo_s is registered with The Copyrights Office under registration # A – 59648/2001.

Use of the above Marks either in whole or by prefixing / suffixing a word or letter to the Mark without the written permission of the registered holder of the Mark is illegal.
The entire length of the conduit is marked as below:

TMR 543440 (CLASS 09) VIP.

A hologram sticker is affixed on each conduit having the Copyright Mark and Number along with a picture of Mr. Pradeep Kumar Hirawat.

All accessories like PVC Bends PVC Couplers and PVC Junction Boxes, Fan Box also carry the mark VIP_Logo_s.

Advantages of using FRLS PVC Conduits

  • Are light in weight and can be installed easily in no time with less labour resulting in substantial cost saving.
  • Have excellent Corrosion, Chemical and Scale forming resistance.
  • Are Fire Retardant, Low smoke, Low Halogen, Unplasticised (UPVC), Rat and Termite Resistant. Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a self-extinguishing polymer and does not promote fire.
  • Has excellent Mechanical, Electrical and Thermal Properties and can be used in open, concrete and underground applications.
  • Can be bent in any shape with help of Bending Spring, Conduits of 19, 20 and 25 mm diameter can bent in 'O' shape and 32 mm in 'L' shape without any aid.
  • Can be joined permanently by applying PVC solvent.
  • Conduits have Specific Gravity of 1.35 - 1.45 g/ml and Tensile Strength.
  • VIP ISI Marked FRLS Rigid PVC Conduits are available in various colours for Colour Coding of wiring for Power, Fire Alarm, Telecom, Lighting, UPS, CCTV , Data Cabling and Sound System etc.
  • Use of Non Metallic conduits, i.e. PVC conduits manufactured as per I.S. 9537 (Part I) 1980 and (Part 3) 1983 specification is approved by Tariff Advisory Committee for electrical installations and Fire alarm systems and there is no difference in rate of Insurance Premium.

Comparison between PVC and Metal Conduits


  • Low Cost:
  • PVC conduits are less costlier than M.S conduits by about 130 % approx. They are light in weight, Can be joined permanently with leak proof installation by applying PVC solvent easily in no time and less labour resulting in substantial cost savings and also helps in early completion of time bound projects. If required PVC conduits also can be threaded easily.
  • High Cost:
  • Due to the base price of Mild Steel, Weight, Transportation (from Punjab) and Labour element, the cost of M.S/GI Conduits is much higher. Threading and installation requires high amount of labour and time resulting in high cost.

Physical / Chemical Properties

  • Inner and outer surface of PVC Conduits are smooth, free from burrs, flash and similar defects
  • F.R.L.S :- Fire retardant, Low Smoke and Rat retardant PVC conduits are also available. PVC is self extinguishing and does not promote fire. PVC Conduits have good mechanical and thermal properties as well.
  • PVC conduits are available in various colours for colour coding of wiring to have a distinct identification.
  • Tensile Strength : 492 / 562 Kg/cm2.
  • Specific Gravity : 1.35 – 1.45 g/ml
  • Metal fissures are likely to damage the cables and wires.
  • M.S Conduits are Fire and Rat Retardant, having good mechanical and thermal properties
  • Metal conduits are available only in black stove enameled colour and some conduits are not painted on the inner surface leading to early corrosion.
  • Tensile strength: Good
  • Specific Gravity : Not known


  • The wall thickness in PVC conduits is available in ranges from 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm upto 3.28mm according to the diameter and as per IS specification.
  • M.S.conduits are available in wall thickness of 20g / 18g / 16g and 14g