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National Pipe Products is the largest producer of PVC Conduits and Fittings in South India.
It manufactures a wide range of FRLS Rigid PVC Conduits and Fittings under its brand name V I P.

Product Line

  • ISI Marked Rigid PVC FRLS Conduits
    VIP ISI Marked FRLS Rigid PVC Conduits are manufactured conforming to IS: 9537 (Part - 3) 1983 under grant of Licence bearing # CM/L 6200014982 issued by the Bureau of...
  • FRLS PVC Bends
    VIP make FRLS PVC Bends are hand crafted from the conduits thus giving you the advantage of getting the bends in the same colour as the conduits....
  • FRLS PVC Couplers
    V I P make FRLS PVC Couplers are manufactured in Injection Molding Machines as well as hand crafted from the conduits thus giving you the advantage of getting the couplers...
  • FR PVC Junction Boxes
    V I P make FR PVC Junction Boxes are available in Surface Mounting for wall conduitingand Deep Mounting for slab conduiting (both open and encased) to suit conduits of 19...
  • FAN Box Powder Coated
    These Fan Boxes are made of heavy gauge mild steel and powder coated / plated to prevent rusting. They are used to hang ceiling fans / Chandeliers etc....
  • PVC Solvent
    V I P make PVC Solvent is a superior bonding agent, clear in colour, used to join PVC fittings to conduits with a quick setting time. The high bonding quality...


VIP Conduits have been trusted and installed in hundreds of Projects across Karnataka and important Cities of India as well.
Some of the reputed Construction Sectors & Projects where VIP Conduits has been used -

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